AMLO and Vila sign agreement to promote urban development in the Yucatan

Inhabitants of the Yucatecan municipalities of Valladolid, Chemax, Tinum, Izamal, and Mérida will benefit from works and actions that will be carried out next year with a significant economic spill, after Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, governors of the south-southeast region and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador signed this day the agreement of the Regional Program for Territorial Planning, the Mayan Train.

From the archaeological zone of Tulum, Vila Dosal signed with López Obrador and the Governors of Quintana Roo, Carlos Joaquín González, Campeche, Carlos Aysa González, Chiapas, Rutilio Escandón Cadenas and Tabasco, Adán Augusto López Hernández, the agreement that will also benefit residents of municipalities of those states in which the Maya Train will pass and that make up the south-southeast region of the country.

In his message, the Yucatecan Governor reiterated that this important railway infrastructure project will have the support of the Government of Yucatan and the Yucatecans, because through it, the economy and development of the region will be detonated

Given this, López Obrador explained that through this agreement a more egalitarian development that benefits the southeast region of Mexico will be promoted in order to promote the economic development of the region and its inhabitants.

“With this project, we are going to promote the development of the southeast region. We are talking about a joint investment because it is not only the Maya Train Project, it is also the development of infrastructure to have sufficient electricity and natural gas. It is the expansion of the port of Progreso, it is to produce gasoline and above all the social development of well-being for the population ”, said the López Obrador.

For this reason, López Obrador thanked Vila Dosal and the other Governors present, since he assured them that he has had their support for the realization of this relevant infrastructure work. “We are talking about an investment of 200 billion pesos for these five states with the Maya Train project and other actions that are fundamental and because, as has been said, it is a comprehensive program. I am sincerely grateful to the governors for their support. This helps us all and of course, that is the main purpose, our people, “said the president.

Before the Governors and federal officials, Vila Dosal insisted that the Maya Train is an infrastructure project of great importance for the southeastern region of the country, which since the beginning of the current federal administration has been raised as one of the main priorities in the south-southeast, which was not only in the discourse but is being reflected in concrete actions.

“Without a doubt, one of the great problems we have had in the country is the inequality between the center, the north, and the south-southeast. This great inequality has been due to the lack of infrastructure works that allow us to compete with other parts of the Mexican Republic in equal circumstances. For this reason, the announcement of the Maya Train was something very important for Yucatán, because this project will finally allow us to generate that infrastructure that not only will encourage job creation but will also generate development for many, many years, ”emphasized the Governor of Yucatan.

For this reason, the Yucatecan Governor acknowledged that the Federal Government promotes a comprehensive policy in the Land Management Agreement so that inequality in the region is reduced since today very important investments are contemplated in many marginalized municipalities that are located on the Maya Train path.

“And in Yucatán, we are very happy that 5 municipalities have been included in this territorial order, because not only will it allow us to better plan economic growth, but also to have resources available for works that directly benefit the people,” emphasized Vila Dosal.

In this regard, the Governor expressed his gratitude to López Obrador for the support our state receives to promote projects such as the Mayan Train as well as the construction of 2 thermoelectric plants.

“There has always been talking of the lack of energy in the Yucatan Peninsula and with these 2 thermoelectric plants that are going to serve Yucatan and also Quintana Roo, we close that gap that existed and allows us to continue growing to generate the jobs we need,” added the governor.

In the same way, Vila Dosal recalled the important expansion project being carried out in the port of Progreso, which will be supervised by the President of Mexico in March next year, and added that the southeast region cannot compete with the central and northern regions of the country if there is no secure supply of natural gas and no competitive ports.

“But today, thanks to the efforts of your administration, we see that dream of the inhabitants of Yucatán and the southeast of Mexico closer than ever, Mr. President. I thank you for considering Yucatán the whole southeast region. You have our gratitude and our support, “said the Yucatecan Governor.

Likewise, Vila Dosal stressed that the transformation led by the President from the Federal Government is not easy, but he also emphasized that it is up to all of us, from our states, to work together in a coordinated manner the 3 levels of Government to change this country and to change it for good.

“Count on Yucatan, count on the Yucatecans, and also count on the State Government to be able to undertake this,” concluded the Governor of Yucatan, Mauricio Vila Dosal.