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Activists protest outside the Merida Animal Control Center

by Yucatan Times
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Mérida, Yucatán (December 30, 2020).- The Mérida City Council informs that it remains open to dialogue and the search for consensual solutions in any situation that involves all living beings that inhabit the municipality.

In this context, representatives of activists in favor of animal life went to the Canine and Feline Control Center (CEMCA) of the City Council, located in Periférico Norte, where they received the necessary explanations to dispel doubts regarding the process that is followed with the animals that arrive at this place.

The City Council reiterates that as part of its open-door policy, it is waiting for the interested parties to present their requests or complaints in a formal manner, but in the meantime, it privileges dialogue as it has always done.

The Municipal Animal Control Center of Mérida (CEMCA) and the Sustainable Development Unit work in coordination with various associations are focusing on animal care to strengthen not only public health but also the welfare and care of the fauna that inhabits the municipality.

Part of these actions implemented by the municipality includes the training that CEMCA and Sustainable Development Unit staff receive on a quarterly or semi-annual basis as well as talks from associations such as Washiro (www.adopta.com), which also include training on how to promote animal adoption.

This training is also focused on the processes of rescue and protection of dogs and cats that live on the streets and that are reported by the citizens themselves to the City Council.

In accordance with the municipal protocol that is followed, the animals rescued by the CEMCA remain for 15 days in safekeeping, waiting for them to be identified by their owners or placed for adoption.

During the time they remain on the site, they undergo a routine medical check-up to rule out any illnesses they could have acquired from living on the streets.

The Sustainable Development Unit also intervenes in this process. It is in charge of verifying, together with the Consultative Council for the Protection of Fauna in the Municipality of Mérida, the adequate work and synergy with groups that defend animal rights and other entities. government to further strengthen actions on animal welfare.

It should be noted that this advisory council was installed in 2019 by Mayor Renán Barrera Concha and is made up of professionals from the College of Veterinary Doctors from the UADY, Civil Associations with shelters, activists, universities as well as representatives of the three levels of government.

In recent days, the City Council announced that it is working on improving the forms for filling out visits and adoptions with information that can be promoted when adopting, as well as photographs of the adoptions, registration of the animals in cases in which euthanasia is considered necessary, and monitoring of animals given up for adoption are applied to them to corroborate their health.

In the same way, it is contemplated to carry out weeks of animal welfare culture in conjunction with associations or groups, where workshops and virtual talks are held for the population, as well as to be able to make donations through an association to make structural improvements in the CEMCA and thus become a Center for Animal Welfare.

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