700 kilos of solid waste extracted from Yucatan cenotes

The exploration of cenotes in Yucatán has not been as splendid as you might think. In the depths, the diver and professional caver, Sergio Grosjean Abimerhi, has found everything from bicycles to electric power meters.

During the exploration of the cenote “Chen Há”, in Yucatán, Grosjean Abimerhi came across garbage and contaminants. In sum, there was more than 700 kg (1,540 pounds) of solid waste, according to the Fundación Bepensa Facebook page.

To our surprise due to the large volume and characteristics of solid waste, bicycles, mattresses, toilets, and even power meters were taken out of these cenotes,” it was reported in a statement.

Sergio Grosjean Abimerhi mentioned that the 117 power meters were located thanks to the combination of cave diving experience and a metal detector.

The professional diver and speleologist called for awareness of the serious situation that these contaminants are causing in the water tables of the Yucatan Peninsula.

“We have extracted from the depths of the cenotes refrigerators, toilets, mattresses, tires, pesticide containers, plastics, bottles, cans, objects of witchcraft, diapers, televisions, radios, fans and countless items such as the 117 power meters that we collected a couple of days ago in a cenote in Kopomá, Yucatan”.