This is Chuminópolis, the first of Mérida’s “Colonias”

According to historical data,  Chuminópolis is the first subdivision that was formally integrated into Mérida, which over time and due to urban growth, became a colonia (neighborhood).

Located in the eastern part of the city and with more than 100 years of history, as told by the bookMérida en los años veintes’, by  Francisco D. Montejo Baqueiro, it was originally a residential space of large hectares, whose owner was Mr. José Domingo Sosa Escalante, a recognized landowner at that time.


One of the questions that arise when the name of the colonia Chuminopolis is heard for the first time is its meaning.

Chuminópolis is made up of two words, which according to local tradition “Chumín” is the nickname given to Sundays and “Polis” means city, which would be “City of Sundays”, this, in order to highlight its legitimate owner, Mr. Domingo Sosa Escalante.

In addition to its longevity, Chuminópolis stands out for the constructions that have served as a reference for many years. It should be noted that some of them, with the passage of time, have disappeared.

Urban image 

Today, walking through its streets we can find chapels with the Gothic style, such as that of Nuestra Señora del Carmen or the Parroquia de San José, which is located inside the María Monserrat school. The beautiful architectural touch of both combines exquisitely with the atmosphere that awakens this angle of the city.

In those days, the expansion in Mérida was taking giant steps, and why not? the essence of  El Porfiriato was more alive than ever, an example of this can be seen in the  Quinta “El Olvido”, located next to the chapel of Nuestra Señora del Carmen. The whole construction details the elements of the time.

As Chuminópolis advanced, society and culture also adapted to change. The entertainment did too.

King of Sports

“The king of sports”, baseball, has always marked Yucatecan society.

At the beginning of the 50s, the  Parque “Carta Clara” was built , belonging to Arturo Ponce G. Cantón, an important manager of a brewing company, whose area today is located behind a well-known commercial plaza.

Parque Santa Clara 1965

The space graced multiple games and made great baseball players shine. It was the home of the Yucatan Lions and was also the scene of emblematic boxing matches.

In 1981, the Lions would move to the Kukulcán Stadium, years later the site was totally neglected. It is currently an abandoned space, and you can slightly see the remains of its original construction.

In general, the first blocks of the subdivision still emit their authenticity. For locals and strangers, the simple fact of walking its streets gives them that feeling as if they were going through a time tunnel, where history, the warmth of ancient Mérida can be perceived at every step you take.



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