FONATUR says there will be a new international airport in five years

The director of the National Tourism Fund (Fonatur), Rogelio Jiménez Pons, confirmed that Mérida would have a new international airport, but hinted that it would not be up to this federal government to build it, since “the work is expected to start in perhaps five years ”.

The official said that the objective is to remove the airport from the city and move it to where it can have logistics areas that help its development and at the same time allowing urban growth in 600 hectares in the south of Mérida.

“Today, the Mérida airport does not have logistics areas that would allow a greater development, as the urban area keeps growing, and the project could be developed in a 600-hectare plot in the south of Mérida ”, the official said.

The official arrived in this city to sign an agreement with José Manuel López Campos, president of Concanaco, in support of the Maya Train project, and the subject of a new Airport for Mérida came up during the press conference, which confirms that it is a real project that is being considered by this federal administration.

Since last year they have been talking about the possibility of building a new airport in the city of Mérida, but when asked about it, federal authorities always responded with evasion.

Jiménez Pons recalled that since Patricio Patrón Laviada was governor, a project was contemplated to build a new airport, and now, the initiative is being considered again, but it would happen in about five years from now.

“This does not mean that the current air terminal is saturated or useless, it can continue to operate without any problem for several more years. It is being considered to move the airport to a place where it can be further developed, with logistics areas such as rail terminals for cargo and other services that it does not have today#, Jimenez Pons said.

The official reiterated that it is a question of proposing a better future in the operation of the airport and at the same time, economic growth and sources of employment for the southern area of Mérida.



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