Yucatán is one of the states with the highest price increase in the country

MÉRIDA, Yucatán (Tuesday, November 10, 2020).- Inflation advanced in October as a result of the rise in electricity rates, and thus Yucatán is one of the states that reported the highest inflation with 1.21%. 

This increase was due to the conclusion of the subsidy for the summer season electricity rate program in 18 cities in the country.

According to the National Consumer Price Index, there was an increase of 0.61% in October compared to the immediately previous month, as well as an annual inflation of 4.09%, the highest rate since May 2019.

Among the states that reported the highest inflation in October, the following stand out: Campeche, with an increase of 1.75%; Tabasco, 1.67%; Coahuila, 1.63%; Nuevo León, 1.60%; and Yucatán, 1.21%.

Of these high, electricity rates reported a monthly increase of 18.66%; the price of tomato rose 18.81%; onion, 25.24%; while domestic LP gas increased 2.69%. Other goods and services that drove inflation in October were: nopales, with an increase of 30.05%; automobiles, 1.09%; egg, 2.53%; zucchini, 70.78%; air transport, 9.85%; and beef, 0.58%.

On the contrary, the generics whose price drop contributed the most to contain inflation were: chicken, with a monthly decrease of -3.19%; low octane and high octane gasoline, -0.97% and -0.69% respectively; orange, -17.41%; lemon, -17.81%; avocado, -10.35%; banana, -4.95%; other cultural services, entertainment and sports shows, -1.41%; potato and pineapple, -8.33%.

Among the states with the lowest overall price increase are Sinaloa, with an increase of just 0.04%; Michoacán, 0.06%; Guanajuato, 0.08%; Baja California, 0.12%; and Colima, 0.14%.

The underlying price index, which does not include goods and services whose price rises are more volatile, advanced 0.24% monthly and 3.98% annually; at the same time, the non-core price index increased 1.77% monthly and 4.42% annually.

Within the underlying price index, the prices of goods grew 0.29% and those of services 0.18% monthly. Within the non-core price index, the prices of agricultural products rose 1.45% per month, while those of energy and tariffs authorized by the government did so by 2.03%.