Young Yucatecans win big in an international science fair

Via:Diario de Yucatan

Oxkutzcab, Yucatán (November 4, 2020).- The Instituto Tecnológico Superior del Sur de Yucatán (Itssy) obtained three ” Golden” first places in the VI Encuentro Internacional Colombista de Ciencia, Innovación y Emprendimiento (virtual modality) in Valledupar, Colombia; with the three teams with which the institution participated in that meeting.

According to the organizers, the objective of this event was to facilitate academic, research, entrepreneurial and cultural exchange between students and educational agents, through the development of projects in different areas of knowledge that strengthen and complement training in an intercultural and innovative environment mediated by information and communication technologies (ICTs).

The “Learning Math” Project was awarded first place in the category of Technology Projects with Accreditation to the Scientific Exhibition of Argentina. Students Rosangela Ku Palomo and Mauricio Alonso Pacheco Caraveo, from the Computer Systems Engineering career, participated and were advised by Professor M.I. Cinthia del Carmen Balam Almeida.

Meanwhile, the Yaaxté project occupied first place in the category of Business Idea Entrepreneurship, with the participation of student Carlos Daniel Chan Ku, from the Community Development Engineering career, under the tutelage of Professor Dr. Miguel Ángel Mejía Bautista.

Finally, an app, made for the monitoring of urinary infections, obtained first place as a Revelation Business Idea, obtaining accreditation for the Scientific Exhibition of Peru. The students Suemy Carolina Ramírez Sarabia and Ángel Josué Parra Mendoza, from the career of Engineering in Computer Systems, under the advice of the teacher M.I. Cinthia Balam, participated.



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