Vila supervises “Paseo de Henequenes” third stage construction work

As part of the State Infrastructure Plan for the Creation of Jobs and Support for the Economic Reactivation, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal inaugurated the rehabilitation and construction of the Metropolitan Park “Paseo Henequenes”, which will have children’s playground areas, a multiple-use sports field, auditorium, 9 recreational esplanades, and will be generating 1,200 direct and indirect jobs.

From this park located to the north of the city in the Francia de Montejo subdivision, Vila Dosal started the construction work that, with an investment of 177.2 million pesos, will be carried out to provide recreational spaces in the open air, while the creation of green infrastructure in the state is strengthened. 

Accompanied by the head of the Ministry of Public Works (SOP), Virgilio Crespo Méndez, and the mayor of Mérida, Renán Barrera Concha, the Governor made a tour of some of the sites under construction as part of this project, which is one of the 378 works and 15,947 actions that are being carried out in the state with an investment of 3.3 billion pesos. 



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