Izamal, Yucatan; November 22, 2020 (ACOM).- On the morning of Sunday, November 22nd, the image of the Immaculate Virgin of the Conception of Izamal was taken down from her main chamber to preside over the religious festivities that are celebrated in her honor every year during December, with the difference that this year there will not be dances, concerts or “Vaquerías“.

The parish priest Fray Mario Gabriel Moo Chale, who officiated the liturgical ceremony in conjunction with Archbishop Gustavo Rodríguez Vega, gave the sacrament of confirmation to eight children at the parish on Sunday, November 22nd.

The entrance of the venerated image through the lateral access on the north side was held amid applause and cheers in honor of “Mama Linda”, who as in previous years reached the main altar where she will be venerated by her parishioners until December 12.

The liturgical ceremony was held behind closed doors and with a reduced capacity of the faithful who managed to enter the church early.

Likewise, the young singer-songwriter from Valladolid Rey Christopher performed several melodies in honor of the Virgin that were a sample of his devotion to the mother of Jesus.

It is worth mentioning that this year the pagan celebrations were canceled due to the measures adopted by the COVID-19 health emergency, among them bullfights, popular dances and the traditional vaquería have been canceled until further notice.