The number of conjunctivitis cases decreases in Yucatán

So far this year, more than 7 thousand cases of conjunctivitis have been detected in Yucatán, according to information provided by the National Epidemiological Bulletin. However, this figure is lower than that reported last year, which added up to more than 16 thousand infections.

Until week 47, with a cutoff date of October 17th, 7,194 people were treated in public health centers in the state of Yucatan for conjunctivitis.

Of these, 3,569 were men and 3,625 women.

In contrast, during the same period of 2019, 16,824 cases of the aforementioned condition were recorded in the state.

We are talking about a decrease of 9,630 cases of conjunctivitis in Yucatán.

It is worth mentioning that last year, the total number of cases came to 19,622 people infected with conjunctivitis in the state.