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Tekax family keeps alive the Yucatecan tradition of making almond sweets

by Yucatan Times
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TEKAX, YUCATÁN.- A Yucatecan family from Tekax keeps alive a sweet 60-year tradition: the manufacture of almond sweets.

It is the Báez family who inherited the recipe from the Montes de Oca family.

Mrs. Gilda Báez indicated that when her aunt Andrea Marín Báez died, she went to live with doctors Margarita Montes de Oca and Domingo Amábilis in the city of Mérida when she was 15 years old.

It was with that family that she learned the recipe to make almond sweets and they made them for friends and relatives of the Montes de Oca family.

When the Montes de Oca passed away and with advanced age, Doña Andrea returned to the city of Tekax to live with her niece Gilda, but presidents of the Republic, senators, including Mexican artists and celebrities such as Ofelia Medina, Angélica Aragón, Kalimba, and journalist Carlos Loret de Mola made special orders; so she passed the secret to her niece and now they prepare the sweets together.

Mrs. Andrea died almost eight years ago but her inheritance of almond sweets continues. Her niece. Gilda and her daughter Braulia del Carmen Báez continue with that tradition.

Their customers include politicians such as Dulce María Sauri Riancho, president of the Chamber of Deputies, and actress Ofelia Medina, as well as several YUcatecan hotels, that continue to be frequent customers.

Doña Gilda pointed out that these days they make 2 thousand pieces for the Casares de Mérida family and for the month of December they expect a great demand for almond sweets since several politicians make large orders to take to Mexico City.

Among the almond sweets they make are the sugary donuts, prunes, twigs, gingerbreads and cheeses.

It should be noted that the almond for its high content of phosphorus and magnesium helps us to have strong teeth and bones; it is also good for our muscles, fight anxiety and promote a good rest, avoiding insomnia.

Also due to their calcium content, almonds prevent osteoporosis.

To order almond sweets, you can contact Mrs. Gilda or Braulia Baez at the phone numbers 9971401843 or 9979740399.

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