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Randy Arozarena: from the World Series to Mérida’s CERESO in less than a month

by Yucatan Times
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Interviewed at her home in the El Porvenir neighborhood, in the south of Mérida, MCB, the ex-wife of baseball player Randy Arozarena still trembles when she remembers the most recent episode of abuse when the man tried to take their two-year-old daughter by force.

Since she lived with Randy, violence was an everyday thing, so she decided to leave him and at the beginning of 2019, she filed a complaint demanding alimony in favor of her daughter, at that time just a few months old.

In 2018, she filed a complaint against the baseball player for domestic violence, but the case did not prosper because the Prosecutor’s Office advised her not to mess with a “powerful athlete”. She later accused him of harassment, but the lawsuit was not successful either.

Today, this woman lives in fear, to such a degree that she doesn’t even want to go out of her house for fear that somebody might do something to her, to her daughter or her father, because Randy doesn’t act alone.

Attempted abduction of the minor

The player, who was transferred to the Merida CERESO on November 25th, and is now awaiting to be presented before a judge, arrived on the afternoon of Monday, November 23rd, at the home where the mother and her daughter live with the young woman’s father.

It was not the first time that he visited, he was never denied entry and was not prevented from seeing the girl, despite the fact that during his visits he always exerts violence and ends up making the little girl cry.

On Monday afternoon, he arrived with some presents for her daughter and tried to get her to come closer, but according to the mother’s testimony, the little girl is afraid of him, so she did not want to get any closer to the man.

“He insults her, calls her stupid if she can’t catch a ball, pushes her around, slaps her, once he bathed her in a bucket of cold water as soon as she got up in the morning. “He also gets upset if the girl calls her grandfather Papi“, ” declared MCB.

Full of anger because the girl did not want to go with him and clung to her mother more as the player started raising his voice, at one point Randy tried to snatch the girl from the mother and pulled the little girl’s leg bending it badly. At this moment, the girl was screaming in pain and fear.

This caused the young woman’s father to intervene, who took several shoves from the Tampa Bay Ray’s outfielder.

The mother, seeing that the aggressor was hurting the girl, released her, and Arozarena took advantage of the opportunity to leave the house with the little girl in his arms. The man put the girl inside a black Camaro, where other people were waiting for him.

Willing to fight for her daughter, MCB followed him and did everything she could to try to stop him from taking her daughter away, despite the physical superiority of Randy, a six feet tall professional baseball player, that just played in the World Series, not more than a month ago.

During the struggle, the woman ended up with several bruises on her arms and legs. The minor also suffered a blow to the head when the player violently pulled her out of the vehicle.

Furious, Arozarena began to walk down the sidewalk carrying the girl in his arms and uttering insults and death threats against the mother.

Just on November 7, Randy Arozarena got married on a hacienda on the outskirts of Mérida

The scandal attracted the attention of the residents of El Porvenir, who, knowing of Randy’s explosive behavior, intervened in favor of the girl and the mother, and at least two young men were pushed away by the baseball player.

Finally, the police arrived, but Arozarena did not want to release the girl, despite the fact that she was screaming like crazy, asking the man to let her go with her mommy.

Both Randy and the victim were taken to the security complex by state police officers, where he was left in prison and the young woman was able to retrieve her little daughter.

“You are going to regret it, I am going to kill you … you are going to regret all this,” Randy Arozarena yelled at his former sentimental partner MCB, who lives in fear, with the constant feeling that something bad can happen to her, her daughter or her father.

“Randy has “powerful” friends who could help him out of jail, and that scares me” concluded MCB.

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