Property is stolen, and a MORENA irregular operation center is discovered in Sonora.

The criminals took computer equipment, two 50 inch screens, a projector, pantries, 48 beer cans, and Morena’s official documentation.

HERMOSILLO Sonora (Proceso) – MORENA, the official party of Lóez Obrador, is once again in the eye of the storm due to new acts of corruption.

 In the second section of the Santa Barbara subdivision on Tepeyac Street in Hermosillo, Sonora, a robbery occurred at a residence allegedly used by the City Council’s Social Welfare Department as Morena’s center of operations.

From that place, the criminals took four computer equipment, two 50 inch screens, a projector, pantries, beer cans, and official Morena documentation. The above revealed an electoral plot involving the City Council of Hermosillo, Morena in Sonora, and its state leader, Jacobo Mendoza.

This office handled records with official identification from the National Electoral Institute (INE) of the Vote’s Defenders. Daniel Abraham Gámez Martínez, a temporary employee of the municipality, was the one who reported the theft, detailing that it was perpetrated between 7 p.m. on Friday and 8 a.m. on Saturday.

The denouncer mentioned that he would carry out a more detailed inventory to determine if more objects are needed since a large part of what was stolen is from the city hall.

Within the disorder left by the thieves, the business cards of Jesus David Mendoza Rivas, a cousin of Morena, Jacobo Mendoza, were found.

According to Proceso’s documents, there were also photocopies of maps of local districts and several editions of “Regeneration,” a newspaper where leaders of the so-called Fourth Transformation are concentrated.

Photographs to which the media had access show that documentation belonging to the “Committee of Protagonists of Real Change,” of Morena, with the slogan “The Hope of Mexico,” was found at the site and was part of the “Installation Act” protocol.

To achieve the objective, the intruders put their vehicle in the house’s garage, but when they left, they left a trail of tires analyzed by experts, who will offer a report in the next few days.

No arrests have been reported.
It should be remembered that this finding occurred a little over two months after the start of the electoral process, which began on September 7 and will end on Sunday, June 6, when the next governor of the state will be elected in 2021-2027.

Electoral alliances 
Mario Delgado, the national president of Morena, announced that the leadership has already started a series of conversations with the Partido del Trabajo (PT) leaders and Partido Verde Ecologista de México (PVEM) to form alliances in the electoral contest of 2021.

The national leader of Morena announced that the National Executive Committee agreed to initiate negotiations with the parties of Labor, Verde Ecologista de Mexico, and local parties related to the Fourth Transformation project and Morena’s principles. They intend to establish possible alliances for the local electoral process in Guerrero, San Luis Potosi, and Nuevo Leon, which will have to be ratified by the National Council of Morena, said through an official communiqué.

The alliance with the PT would not be new, since, in the established elections of 2018, this partisan force accompanied the winner in the federal campaign; on the other hand, the Green has lobbied with different political parties, which by prostrating themselves as possible leaders called the attention of the national ecological party.

In 2000, the PVEM accompanied the candidacy of Vicente Fox, Mexico’s president from 2000 to 2006, who was championed by the National Action Party (PAN); likewise, in 2012, it accompanied Enrique Peña Nieto, candidate for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) for the presidency.