Pig kills man in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche

CIUDAD DEL CARMEN.- A tragic scene was witnessed by the relatives of a man who lived in the Santa Rosalía neighborhood in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche when they entered the house and saw that a pig was literally devouring him.

The events occurred at approximately 5:50 in the afternoon of Saturday, October 24th, when Hugo’s relatives, as the man was identified, entered the house and saw the now deceased lying in a pool of blood and the pig eating up and chewing on one of his arms.

According to the report, Hugo’s relatives, thinking that he was alive, did everything possible to take the pig away from him, but the animal did not stop eating up the man’s arm and shoulder.

Red Cross paramedics arrived at the scene, however, it was too late as the man had lost too much blood and was long dead.

It was found out that the pig belonged to the victim and that he was fattening the animal to eat it later.

It was reported by his relatives that moments before the man had been drinking large quantities of alcohol

Source: yucatan.com.mx