Paramedics save the life of a senior citizen in Mérida

The senior citizen lost consciousness during the afternoon of Monday, November 9th.

The rapid intervention of the paramedics of the Secretary of Public Security (SSP), saved the life of a senior citizen, a neighbor of the Ciudad Caucel subdivision.

During the afternoon, an elderly man, residing at property number 642 on Calle 83 between 64 and 66 of the aforementioned subdivision, had a crisis and his family members asked for help through the emergency number 911.

Two ambulances went to the site, the rescue van 2132 and the SSP patrol car number 6588, the paramedics used cardiopulmonary respiratory techniques (CPR) to make the patient react, once stabilized they boarded him in an ambulance and left for the hospital.

The paramedics who arrived in the rescue van as soon as they left the street had to be sanitized, the patient’s vomit fell on the arms of the paramedic who arrived in the Y-12 ambulance of the aforementioned corporation, who was provided with detergent to clean himself.

The condition of the senior citizen is reported as stable.