Panabá, Yucatan joins National Diabetes Week

PANABÁ, YUCATAN (November 11, 2020).- As part of the celebration of World Diabetes Day, municipalities of the Yucatecan municipality highlight their buildings in blue to create awareness about the disease.

Within the framework of National Diabetes Week and World Diabetes Day, the Municipal authorities of Panabá have placed blue lighting in the palace building to commemorate this date in favor of health and make people aware.

This illumination, the authorities pointed out, is with the objective of increasing awareness, prevention, promotion, care, and treatment of Diabetes mellitus and that citizens become aware of this disease.

Therefore, they invite citizens to take the test for timely detection and follow a timely treatment, in addition to sensitizing people to modify their lifestyle with the aim of improving people’s health, therefore, they join the support of all people who suffer from this disease.