Only three reports of animal cruelty so far this year in Mérida

Mérida, Yucatán (November 18, 2020).- The Municipal Police of Mérida assures that there are only three reports for having pets locked up.

The Municipal Police of Mérida assured that the complaints about animal abuse in the first square of the capital city are practically null.

The corporation indicated that so far in 2020 there are only three reports they have received of people keeping pets tied up, without food or water, for which an investigation was opened, which has not concluded yet.

He also indicated that they have not had reports of wild animals such as snakes or swarms of bees, as usually happened in previous years.

Last year just over 20 complaints of animal abuse were received in the City of Mérida.

On the other hand, the Association “Colitas Felices“, in charge of animal protection, indicated that animal abuse is common in Yucatán, even more than in other states, however, most of the cases are not reported.

Representatives of “Colitas Felices” explained that they receive between two to three complaints of different kinds every day, the most common being abandoned and neglected dogs.

They indicated that the problem is that more than 90 percent of the reports are only reported through associations or on social networks and not to the corresponding authorities.

As an association, they called on citizens to denounce and demand that the authorities investigate and apply the law.

They also called for responsible pet ownership, because they have found cases in which after the dogs grow up, people abandon them, or throw them out on the street.

They indicated that in Yucatan animal abuse is not punished because it is the citizens themselves that do not let the authorities enforce the law the way it should be.

They assured that as an association they have filed in 2019 and 2020 a total of 34 complaints, which are in the process of investigation; none have been resolved.

According to the Laws of the state of Yucatan, animal abuse is punishable by jail whose penalties range from three months to one year in prison and a fine that could go from 4,237 to 8,474 pesos.