New Features of the Updated 2020 Microsoft Outlook for Mac

The fall of 2020 will be remembered by many users as the time of Microsoft Outlook 365 fresh updates. A number of improved features from the renewed design to the convenient toolbar have already caused intense discussions on online forums. New Internet users continue to appear, and many of them choose Outlook as their main mailing app. So, let’s take a look at the main improvements and find out what makes this software a popular choice for users.

Meet the New Outlook for Mac
Without any doubt, many devoted users have been anticipating the 2020 Outlook improvement for Mac. However, these updates stimulated many users of Thunderbird, The Bat!, Live Mail to arrange the Outlook import of their files and further migration. So, what changes intrigued the public so much?

1)     Updated Design

If you have already updated the mailing client, you have an opportunity to switch to the new design. Simply enable the “New Outlook” tumbler and confirm your actions by pressing “Switch to New Outlook.” If you changed your mind, you can always enable the previous version. However, we bet, you will like it!

2)     Convenient Toolbar

Now, you can add to the updated toolbar only the features you regularly use. For this, simply click on the “See More Items”- “Customize Toolbar.” Add only the buttons you use and get rid of those that make a mess in your opinion.

3)    Better Search

Important updates of the internal search will help you to find any necessary correspondence within several moments. Powered by Microsoft Search, your navigation between thousands of emails will be smooth and fast. Improved filters will guarantee the necessary search results and better suggestions.

4)    Snoozing Emails

If you feel overwhelmed by the number of notifications in Outlook, you can simply snooze them. If you use this feature, you can configure the time when it will be convenient for you to receive and read inbox emails.

5)    Possibility to Ignore the Conversation

If you want to remove or ignore some letters that come to your mailbox, you can simply enable the corresponding feature in the toolbar (Message menu section). All emails that come from a particular person will be removed.

Finally, there is also a subsequent update of the Outlook Calendar. So, clients will find several new features that will simplify your working tasks in the following way:

  • The program will make suggestions about the documents required for the events in your calendar.
  • You can take advantage of creating events (choosing a timeframe, adding participants, and other details) in a single window.
  • You can respond to the invitation in the same window.
  • You can use the “Working Elsewhere” status to indicate what you are doing instead of Busy/Free.

In Conclusion
We are sure that you will make positive conclusions after checking the Microsoft Outlook updates for Mac yourself. Feel free to share your impressions with us in the comments! Enjoy!

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