“Mexico’s Great Awakening”: Thousands of people Marches on CDMX against López Obrador’s Government

The protesters gathered at the Monument to the Revolution, where they shouted slogans like “Lopez, you have united us to get you out of the presidency”

MEXICO CITY (Times Media Mexico) – A week and a half before Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s second year as president of Mexico, the National Anti-AMLO Front (FRENAAA) held a march to the Monument to the Revolution to the Angel of Independence, which they called “The Great Awakening of Mexico” to protest his government.

Around 10:00 am on November 21, the members of this movement gathered at the same place where the president commemorated the 110th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution. Only this time, they arrived with cards and slogans against the president.

An hour later, they began to advance towards the Angel of Independence amid shouts such as “Go to your ranch” or “Lopez, you have united us to get you out of the presidency! Besides, several of the protesters carried banners with religious images, such as the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Later, through its Twitter account, the organization wrote: “We are beginning a new stage in our non-violent struggle and under the threshold of the rule of law. We will make our action more forceful to remove this government. The National Economic Strike has begun”.

The mobilization arrived at the capital’s Zócalo. However, it is worth remembering that a week ago, the leader of FRENAAA, Gilberto Lozano, announced that they would abandon the encampment they had installed on the plancha since mid-September for the security of the demonstrators “and the good of Mexico”.

However, some members remained in place, and López Obrador assured that they would not be evicted and denied that these people were supporters of his government.

The Mexican president commented that this opposition organization “has all the guarantees to demonstrate, they are free,” he pointed out that there would be no form of repression during their events.

The FRENAAA sit-in began on September 19 on Juarez Avenue. That day, Lozano denounced that capital authorities had prevented her from entering the Zócalo, which violated her right to free transit. After five days and employing protection granted by the Eighth District Court in Administrative Matters, the movement members managed to reach the city’s first square to stay with their homes for 53 days.

Since June, before becoming a camp, its members began to demonstrate every weekend demanding the resignation of López Obrador. The criticism arose because they did it from their vehicles. This way of protesting was replicated in some other cities in the country.