Merida woman claims she suffered a kidnapping attempt

The woman said she was walking along the streets of Colonia Pensiones when a truck began to follow her.

Through social networks, a young woman reported that her sister lived terrifying moments after some men aboard a vehicle tried to take her away by force while she was walking in the streets of Mérida.

According to the information provided, the woman was walking on 42nd Street, Colonia Pensiones, near the federal secondary school no. 5, when a white pickup truck started following her. The men aboard the vehicle “tried to make conversation” with the young woman.

Suddenly, the car blocked the young woman’s path and the subjects pulled her by the sweater, causing the woman to scream.

The employees of a mechanic workshop, hearing the screams, came out to see what was happening, so the truck took off at full speed.

After this incident, the affected woman notified the authorities so agents of the State Investigating Police (PEI) came to the scene, but they could not find the pick-up truck and the men that tried to take the young woman away.

“You do not know the terror that she felt at that time, please, even if it is early, do not go out alone today you can tell the story and we can say that it was only a scare, be careful,” one of the witnesses declared.