“Lord of the Ducks” returns to downtown Mérida

Señor de los Patos (Photo: yucatan.com.mx)

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN (November 4, 2020).- ” El Señor de Los Patos” or “The Lord of the Ducks ” returned to downtown Mérida and he did so accompanied by several of his animal companions. He wants to report before the local authorities that his neighbors are killing them.

His name is Jesús Chagolla and he is a resident of Kanasín. Since last Saturday, October 31st, he returned to the surroundings of the Plaza Grande aboard his bicycle with eight of his animals on it, including ducks and dogs,

He is accompanied in his adventures by “Turbina”, “Maclovio”, “Rayo”, “Charal”, “Beny”, “Lis”, “Rita” and “Cristina”. Jesús remembers that they had forbidden him to be in the center of the city accompanied by his pets. However, he stated that his neighbors mistreat their ducks at home so that’s why he rather takes them with him.

He even says they have killed some of his ducks when he is not around. 

In addition to those who accompany him on his bicycle, Jesús says that in his home he has about 20 more ducks.