Izamal beekeepers and farmers receive support to reactivate their activity

IZAMAL, YUCATAN (November 16th, 2020).- Carlos Manzanero Villalobos, a beekeeper from the municipality of Izamal, was concerned that his hives could be destroyed by the passage of natural phenomena in the state, however, thanks to the support of the “Peso a Peso” program, promoted by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosa, he is now confident that he will be able to recover from this difficult situation.

On a work tour of Izamal, Vila Dosal delivered support to 13,846 beneficiaries of this program that seeks to reactivate beekeeping and agriculture in the state, benefiting thousands of Yucatecan families, for which more than 103 million pesos are invested.

Beekeepers state that this activity has gone through very difficult times due to the heavy rains, as they fear that bees could die or flee in search of better conditions.

“So much water has affected the hives, you have to feed them so that they can survive but that costs money. For this reason, this program is very useful for us at this time, ”said beekeeper Carlos Manzanero.

In that sense, the man from Izamal thanked the Governor for the support he has given beekeepers, especially now that it has been greatly affected by tropical storms and hurricanes. “Thank you for supporting us so that beekeeping can move forward, for taking us into account so that we can continue with our work,” he said.

In this municipality, tools, machinery, and materials, including water tanks, hoses, sugar, beekeeping equipment, barbed wire, wheelbarrows, brush cutters, among other tools, supplies, and machinery were delivered to a total of 217 men and women from Izamal, which represented an investment of 2.2 million pesos, that is, two times what was invested last year.

In addition, 104 packages of horse feed were distributed to 40 carriage drivers in the municipality of Izamal, who asked the Governor for support to be able to keep their animals healthy, as tourism in this region has recovered, a request that was heard and now they have this support that comes to help them keep their horses in good condition.