“It doesn’t affect anything,” says AMLO about Mexico’s ranking as the worst country to be in a pandemic

“How many people know what Bloomberg says about Mexico? It’s a minority,” said the President.

MEXICO CITY (El Universal) – After Bloomberg published a ranking in which he pointed out that Mexico is the worst country to live in during the coronavirus pandemic, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador indicated that “it does not affect anything.”

In his morning conference on Thursday at the National Palace, the President indicated that it does not affect anything, “because most people do not even know about it. How many people know what Bloomberg says in Mexico? It’s a minority,” he said, adding that they do so out of misinformation and lack of professionalism.

“I attribute that they don’t have the information and that the most famous publications in the world are often wrong. They are not infallible, and sometimes, some of them act without ethics. That’s one explanation”.

“I don’t think it’s a Mexican issue. This agency has a partnership with the newspaper El Financiero. I don’t think that’s why, I think it’s a mistake, in one of those there’s even going to be a clarification because I did see the note and it seemed to be an excess, a purpose of affecting Mexico,” said AMLO.

In his analysis, Bloomberg indicated that New Zealand is the best country to be during the coronavirus pandemic, and the worst country is Mexico.

The international news agency made a cross-check to verify how countries the virus has been handled more effectively, with less disruption to society and business.

Mexico has a 37.6 adaptation qualifications; 113 monthly cases per 100 thousand inhabitants; 8.6% monthly mortality rate; 782 deaths per million inhabitants, 62.3% positivity rate, and 3 in vaccine access.

Regarding Mexico, Bloomberg indicates that, just like Trump, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has repeatedly minimized the coronavirus threat, something that also happens in Brazil.

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