Home Feature “Iota,” a new threat for Central America could affect the Yucatan Peninsula.

“Iota,” a new threat for Central America could affect the Yucatan Peninsula.

by Yucatan Times
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MERIDA Yucatan (Times Media Mexico/Megamedia) – According to the prediction model of the National Hurricane Center of Miami, Florida, tropical storm “Iota” is a threat to the north of Nicaragua, northeast, and coast of Honduras, and perhaps later on Belize and Guatemala.

Weather engineer Juan Vázquez Montalvo, the spokesman of the Institutional Committee for the Attention of Extreme Weather Phenomena of the University of Yucatan, indicated that it is expected that when “Iota” reaches the area of Nicaragua and Honduras, it will be an intense hurricane. This will be at the beginning of next week and will cause much destruction and floods similar to those caused by “Eta.”

Powerful hurricane
“In that region, an impressive evacuation and preparation operation is being established by the governments of both countries, and people are fleeing from the most dangerous sites,” the expert reported.

“The high pressure of the Azores pushes the system towards the frank west, and the conditions are given for ‘Iota’ to have explosive growth and become a dangerous and powerful intense hurricane,” he added.

The climate expert anticipated a high possibility that the phenomenon would enter northern Nicaragua and pass through northeastern Honduras. It will also not make landfall and will follow a trajectory along the north of Honduran coast and head towards Belize, “which would make the situation worse because the force it would reach would be tremendous.”

Alert in the Yucatan Peninsula
“For the moment, ‘Iota’ is not dangerous for the Yucatan Peninsula, and the only effects would be rain, but we must be aware of its development and displacement because there are models that send it to the south of the Peninsula, so especially Quintana Roo and the northeast, east, and southeast of Yucatan should be aware of any changes,” insisted the weather engineer Vazquez.

“In November,” he recalled, “there were formations of tropical cyclones but what is not common is that they head west as ‘Iota’ does. It should move north and northeast and be called left-handed hurricanes, but this time the high of the Azores prevents them from taking that direction and send them west, which coupled with the absence of cold fronts in Yucatan puts the Peninsula in danger”.

Cold front
“The 12th cold front will not reach the Yucatan, it will remain stationed in the Gulf of Mexico, in the north of the Peninsula, and that condition puts us in danger of being affected in some way,” Vazquez added.

“We are living in unprecedented times. By now, the Yucatan Peninsula should be safe from this type of system, but the absence of cold fronts that have not arrived with force is the main cause of our not being one hundred percent protected,” said weather engineer Juan Vazquez.

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