Heavy rains return to Yucatan due to hurricane Eta

Merida(Times Media Mexico).- As expected, the relative proximity of Hurricane Eta, and its wide range of action, will cause heavy rain and winds in Yucatan starting today, for which the authorities have issued the corresponding warning.

The entire population is asked to remain alert to the warnings in this regard, and to take extreme precautions since these weather conditions will begin and possibly extend through to Sunday.

According to what was made known, the circulation generated by hurricane Eta which is hitting Nicaragua, as well as its influence, will reach Yucatecan lands causing rain, increased waves, as well as strong winds.

Regarding the latter, it is expected that they will be up to 50 kilometers per hour in the coastal areas of our state, while in the interior they could reach up to 40 kilometers per hour.

This is why we are asking to secure objects that could be blown away in the event of the strongest of gusts, and thus ensuring property to be protected and our physical integrity as well.

So far, no alerts have been issued, but the authorities will continue to inform the population of any changes in these forecasts.