Five feet long crocodile found under a car in Las Américas

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN (November 25, 2020).- On Tuesday, November 25th, agents of Firefighters from the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) captured a crocodile in the streets of the Las Américas subdivision.

A person who left their home to go to work early noticed that there was “something” underneath his car.

He immediately reported it to the emergency numbers and SSP firefighters showed up in a matter of minutes, which proceeded to capture the reptile without problems.

Residents commented that the stagnation of water that still prevails in some vacant lots is not only a source of infection but can also house animals that can be dangerous.

However, agents of the SSP pointed out that the reptile has no visible injuries or signs that it comes from the savannah, so they believe that it could escape from a home where they had it as a pet.

The croc would be taken to a zoo in this city for evaluation and if it is found that it is wild, it would be taken to its natural habitat. Otherwise, it would remain in captivity.