Florisel Ríos Delfín, Mayor of Jamapa in Veracruz executed

Jamapa, Veracruz.- On Wednesday, November 11, the Mayor of Jamapa, Florisel Ríos Delfín, was assassinated in the central region of Veracruz.

Ángel Ávila, representative of the PRD party before the INE, confirmed that this Wednesday the Municipal President of Jamapa, Florisel Ríos Delfín, was killed by an armed commando who allegedly took her from her home.

“Today again a municipal president in Veracruz , the mayor of Jamapa , Florisel Ríos is assassinated by an armed commando. We demand that Governor Cuitláhuac García and his Secretary of the Government that instead of besieging and threatening the opposition mayors”.

The representative of the PRD demands that the constitutional function of providing security to the inhabitants of the state of Veracruz be fulfilled and today he calls for justice for the president of Jamapa , as well as the punishment of the intellectual and material responsible, he added that in Veracruz organized crime has The State Government has been exceeded, so it is requested that the security of the mayors of the entire state, as well as the citizens, be guaranteed.

The Government of Mexico must assume the security functions in the state of Veracruz, the representative demands an end to the murders against the PRD militants.