Family members of cancer patients block AMLO’s van and request medicines.

Lopez Obrador was intercepted by protesters who tried to stop his car. They asked AMLO to hear their demands. This provoked a confrontation with the security staff, who tried to free the circulation.

BAJA CALIFORNIA Mexico (Times Media Mexico) – Families with cancer patients asked Andrés Manuel López Obrador for his intervention to access medicines, accusing them of having 759 days without receiving their doses to fight the disease.

Upon his departure from the municipal palace of Playas de Rosarito, the President was intercepted by the demonstrators who tried to stop the vehicle where Lopez Obrador was traveling. This provoked a confrontation with the security staff, who was trying to free the circulation.

“We are dying, we no longer have enough for Monday (chemotherapy), what is the solution, we need the medicine,” Iraís García yelled at López Obrador.

In a brief interview, the young woman explained that her grandmother is sick with cancer and is treated at Tijuana’s General Hospital. “There are no chemotherapies for children or the breast. We are fed up. If I don’t have chemotherapies and neither do the mothers and children, we don’t want more dead people. It’s a shame that they don’t pay attention to us,” she said.

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Since the beginning of AMLO’s government, there is a shortage of medicines. Among these, vaccines and treatments against cancer. Perhaps Mr. López Obrador thinks that having cancer or vaccinating children is something for the corrupt, the rich, or the neoliberals.