Cenotes of Yucatan, the only ones happy to have rain

Rainfall in the state adjusts levels and contributes to the cleanliness of the cenotes

Yucatan (Times Media Mexico).- “The floods left by the trail of the rainfall that affected Yucatan last month were beneficial for the cenotes because they helped to recover their water level and clean them up”, said archaeologist Sergio Grosjean Abimerhi.

He said that for the past two years, as part of his monitoring of the cenotes, he observed that the water levels in them dropped alarmingly by more than a meter and a half. However, with the passage of tropical storms “Cristobal” and “Gamma” as well as Hurricane “Delta”, an increase of up to 270 centimeters were recorded in some bodies of water located in Homún and Pisté.

He indicated that in some cenotes problems were registered due to the color of the water changing when mixed with the garbage that people throw into the cenotes.

He recalled that the only way the cenotes can be fed is through rainwater, and so the rainfall cleansed and decreased the contamination levels in the cenotes as well.