Biden Edges Closer to Victory

Vice President Joe Biden blasted anti-Mexico rhetoric on his visit to Mexico City Thursday Feb. 25. (PHOTO:

The US election count extended into its third day as the final states tally their ballots, with Democratic candidate Joe Biden creeping closer to victory.

Several states are yet to finish counting their ballots, including some of the most competitive battlegrounds. Biden has more paths to the 270-vote threshold for victory in the Electoral College than the incumbent, President Donald Trump.

  • Biden has 253 electoral votes locked in, while incumbent President Donald Trump has 214.
  • The states Biden’s won: Vermont (3), Virginia (13), Delaware (3), Rhode Island (4), New Jersey (14), Massachusetts (11), Nebraska CD2 (1), Maryland (10), Illinois (20), Connecticut (7), New Mexico (5), New York (29), District of Columbia (3), Colorado (9), California (55), Oregon (7), Washington state (12), Hawaii (4), New Hampshire (4), Minnesota (10), Maine (3), Wisconsin (10), Michigan (16).
  • The states Trump’s won: South Carolina (9), Kentucky (8), West Virginia (5), Oklahoma  (7), Tennessee (11), Mississippi (6), Alabama  (9), Arkansas (6), Indiana (11), Wyoming (3), South Dakota (3), North Dakota (3), Louisiana (8), Nebraska (4), Kansas (6), Missouri (10), Idaho (4), Utah (6), Maine CD2 (1), Florida (29), Ohio (18), Montana (3), Iowa (6), Texas (38).
  • States still up-for-grabs: Nevada (6), Arizona (11), Georgia (16), North Carolina (15), Pennsylvania (20), Alaska (3).
  • Lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign in Michigan and Georgia have been dismissed, while another has been filed in Nevada, where Biden holds a slim lead.
  • Mail-in votes, counted last in most states, are heavily favoring Biden, with the Democrats saying they’re confident of victory even in states where they’re currently behind. 
  • Trump has spoken publicly for the first time since election day, making a range of unsubstantiated claims about fraud, claiming he will win “easily”, even if it means going to the Supreme Court.

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