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Best online writing courses for free.

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Writing accompanies us throughout our life. We write every single day: be it simple typing, book crafting, or assignment completion, they all require writing. And no one can reach the peak of a writing career. Even the most prolific writers confirm that there are many things they should learn to improve their style. That is why it is always good to brush up your writing skills. You can attain that in many ways, for example, by reading literature or academic articles. Besides, you can look at cheap custom writing samples to get a clear picture of how your assignments should look. In each case, you are highly encouraged to read this article to learn more about free writing courses that will boost your abilities.

How To Choose A Relevant Course?

It goes without saying that you have to take this task seriously; you won’t benefit from a course in science fiction writing if you were looking for a formal writing program, let’s say. That is why the first thing you have to do is identify what your goal is. Pay attention to the following questions, and try to answer them. They will help you define what you need:

  1. Do I have some writing skills and want to polish them or find the guides that teach writing from scratch?
  2. Do I want to dive into formal or informal writing?
  3. Do I want the course to be extensive or short?
  4. Should the course be by the university or private?
  5. Can I purchase the course if need be? (e.g., many courses might be free, but you can be required to pay for the certificate of completion)

Before Enrolling In Courses

Each and every course, no matter how extensive, complex, or intense it is, requires a certain level of dedication. That is, make sure you can be self-disciplined and work with a course regularly. Remember that if you happen to terminate your work for abrupt and plausible reasons, you will have to start it from the very beginning.

Courses may be self-paced, which means that you decide when you want to complete them. However, make sure to be persistent and even force yourself to finish them.

Other courses have weekly updates and assignments. They usually have many instructors that track your progress and check whether you are ready to proceed to the next writing stage. These types are less flexible.

Completely Free Writing Courses

Arizona State University: English Composition Class

If you aspire to learn how to write, this course is your choice. Professionals from Arizona State University worked hard to design such an excellent program, which will master your abilities. Over the eight-week intensive work, you will pick up myriads of beneficial skills that can serve as the pillars of your future writing career. You will develop your mastery over the English language and be able to craft solid pieces.

Even though the course is free, some instructors will assign you tasks to complete. As such, you will need to write reflection pieces. Besides, you will learn how to communicate with other writers who will evaluate your work and provide constructive feedback.

In a nutshell, you will have the opportunity to learn:

  1. How to tailor your writing to the audience’s preferences
  2. How to enable your critical thinking
  3. How to diversify your writing
  4. How to write faster and more efficiently
  5. How to unlock your creativity
  6. How to advance great writing habits

When it comes to the instructor, it is a Ph.D. student of Rhetoric and Composition Adam Pacton, who conducts classes in Creative Writing and Composition Techniques.

DIY MFA Writing Class

If formal writing is what you pursue, select this course! The program guides you through the three focal areas that will help you gain useful writing techniques. You will be involved in writing, reading, and constructing a community of colleagues, mentors, and readers.

Moreover, you will get an opportunity to learn how to select written pieces that improve your own writing. You will know how to write academic papers and what to pay attention to when completing them. Other than that, you will know how to choose relevant sources and cite them according to the pertinent formatting style.

Last but not least, the course strives to provide you with tricks on how to write better and faster, including strategies for outlining, proper structure of the paper, and appealing opening sentences (also known as hooks) to entice the reader.

Gabriela Pereira serves as an instructor of the program. She graduated from the Creative Writing course and decided to strengthen other people’s writing abilities. These classes are absolutely free.

How to Write an Essay: Berkeley University of California

Having 310 742 people enrolled in the course, it is one of the most prominent and solid academic writing programs. Being in partnership with the U.S. Department of State, it is completely free and aims to perfect users’ writing skills. The course is self-paced, which allows you to complete it whenever you want. However, bear in mind that the program lasts five weeks, so even the University recommends investing approximately 5-6 hours weekly to complete it successfully.

If you aspire to pick writing skills from zero, Berkeley’s course should be on your radar. Choosing it, you will learn:

  • Basic grammar terminology and understanding
  • How to write effective sentences and paragraphs
  • How to compose efficient introductions and conclusions
  • How to deal with more extensive papers (such as theses and dissertations)

Regarding the head of the course, it is Maggie Sokolik, the Director of College Writing Programs. Even though the program is freely accessible, you can get a verified certificate to highlight the knowledge and abilities you gain for $49.


It might be challenging to produce a peerless paper. Practice makes perfect, and with the courses mentioned above, you are likely to polish your writing to shine. Also, feel free to check the most reputable platforms with writing courses to find the most suitable online program. Good luck with such a complicated yet splendid and handy craft!

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