A new low-pressure zone is formed in the Caribbean Sea

It has a 20% probability of cyclonic development in 5 days.

CANCÚN, QUINTANA ROO.- Through the National Water Commission (Conagua) the formation of a new low pressure zone in the Caribbean Sea was announced.

This new area has a 20% probability of cyclonic development in the next 5 days.

The new low pressure area is located approximately 1,050 km from the east oast of Quintana Roo, therefore, so far, it does not represent any danger to the Yucatan Peninsula.

For its part, the National Hurricane Center of the National Oceanic Administration Office reports that the system is moving slowly westward in the Caribbean Sea.

The agency notes that the probability of a tropical cyclone in the next 48 hours is nil.

Meanwhile, tropical storm Eta maintains its path towards Florida.

The president stressed that in the course of tomorrow Eta could become a category 1 hurricane again .

Although it does not represent a risk for Yucatan and Quintana Roo, the authorities keep this hydrometeorological phenomenon under surveillance.