A Hawksbill Turtle was found dead on a Yucatecan beach

TELCHAC, YUCATÁN.- A dead turtle was found on November 13th, on a beach located on the Telchac Puerto-San Crisanto road section.

It is an adult specimen of hawksbill turtle weighing about 80 kilos, which was discovered by a person who lives in the area.

It was found at the entrance known as “Ka’an”, in the aforementioned stretch of road.

A local resident reported that at approximately 8 p.m. he noticed that the dead turtle was in the backyard of his house, which adjoins the beach.

He immediately notified the authorities and the police and personnel from the Telchac Puerto ecology department arrived at the scene.

On the orders of the environment agency staff, agents proceeded to bury the turtle on the beach.

It was not reported whether later studies will be performed to determine the cause of death.