9-year-old from Mérida wins national drawing contest

Oswaldo is an artist, at nine years old, he has already won an important competition at the National level of drawing and painting.

Oswaldo Novelo Rosado, at just 9 years old is an artist, he lives in the municipality of  Conkal , and obtained third place in the 2020 National Children’s and Youth Painting and Drawing Contest .

The kid received a special distinction, his drawing was titled “Elección”, and shows his concern for the damage done to the planet; and in his colorful work, he makes it clear that we have the opportunity to choose the world we want to live in.

The theme of the contest was: “In emergency situations, we actively participate in rebuilding a better world .” And Oswaldo invites with his work to reflect, to participate together in making our environment better for everyone.

Oswaldo enjoys art a lot, as we can see; but he is also passionate about sports, he practices TaeKwon Do and plays soccer, and his mother talks about what fascinates him since he was five years old.

At present, he is part of the Conkal Cubs soccer team, current champions of the “Álvaro García Aguilar” children’s league.

His parents Marisol Rosado P. and Edwin Novelo B. are his biggest fans, and they support him in all his projects. United as a family they have achieved beautiful satisfactions, seeing their son stand out for the love that he puts into the activities he does.

In Yucatan, the drawing contest was promoted by the State Population Council (Coespo) , dependent on the General Secretariat of Government (SGG). 

This instance gathered 374 drawings, of which 335 complied with the conditions of the call, corresponding to the same number of participants, coming from 37 municipalities, who were registered in the different categories, according to their age.