5 thousand dead “voted” in favor of AMLO’s consultation on the trial of former presidents

Photo: (Milenio)

MEXICO CITY (Latinus) – The National Electoral Institute (INE) informed this Saturday that in the initiative to promote the widespread consultation on the trial of the former presidents, 5,530 signatures of people who were discharged due to death and other more than 400,000 irregularities were detected.

The INE presented to the Senate of the Republic the report on verifying the 2,538,048 signatures that were delivered to support the petition for the consultation, and in 421,211, irregularities were identified.

Of the total number of signatures submitted by Norma Ariadna Sánchez Bahena and Manuel Vázquez Arellano, 276,677 corresponded to names that did not exist in the Nominal List of the Institute.

Besides, 23,533 were excluded from the nominal list for the following reasons.

– Death: 5,530
– Loss of validity: 14,442
– Cancellation of proceedings: 1,969
– Suspension of political rights: 744
– Duplicate registration in the census: 619
– Irregular personal data: 138
– Irregular address: 91

The National Electoral Institute indicated, in a communiqué, that another 120,902 signatories who supported the consultation on the trial of the former presidents were in repeated registries, and 99 corresponded to citizens without signatures or fingerprints.

When interviewing a sample of citizens who had signatures registered in the initiative, 117 people affirmed that they had not provided their authorization to support the popular consultation promoted by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

After verifying all the signatures submitted, the INE endorsed 2,116,837, which meets the minimum percentage of support for the consultation of more than 2% of the Nominal List of Voters.

Last October 26, the institute informed that the cost to carry out the widespread consultation to judge former presidents would be 1 billion 499 million 392 thousand 669 pesos.

The consultation will be held on Sunday, August 1, 2021, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., according to the decree published in the Official Gazette within the boundaries determined by the National Electoral Institute (INE).

The question is: “Do you agree or not that the pertinent actions should be carried out, with adherence to the constitutional and legal framework, to begin a process of clarification of the political decisions taken in the past years by the political actors aimed at guaranteeing justice and the rights of the possible victims?

The answers will be: “I agree” or “I disagree.”