Yucatan: Rockultura Movement will celebrate 30th anniversary with artisan beer launch

MÉRIDA, Yuc.- In 2021, it will be  30 years since the Rockultura movement revolutionized rock music in Yucatán, initially through a radio program and a rock street market. 

To celebrate these three decades, a limited edition commemorative beer will be launched in December.

The drink will also allow its consumers to enter videos of “Rockultura moments”, on Wednesday Rocjultura invited the public, musicians, staff, technicians, and all the people who have been at some point in their life in Rockultura, to send their videos to be part of collective memory.

In a virtual press conference, the general director of this movement, Alejandro Escalante, aka “El Paxux“, announced the launch of the beer and the “moments” that are available in this call through the page  rockultura.org , so that people can participate.

How to participate?

It’s simple. Entering the page you can see the 12 “Rockultura moments” such as the radio program, the rock tianguis, the 1991 Rockultura festival, the Tatich Fest, and the Yucatecan Rock Encounters, among many others Rockultura events promoting rock in Yucatán.

Visit rockultura.org  for more details on how to participate.

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