Yucatan registers 10 new deaths by COVID-19

MERIDA Yucatan (Times Media Mexico) – Health authorities reported 67 new infections and 10 deaths from Covid-19 in the Yucatan.

Cases of Covid-19 in Yucatan
21,243 are positive. 192 of the cases are from another country or another state.
17,538 have already recovered and have no symptoms.
1,045 patients are stable and isolated in their homes. And that the medical staff is constantly monitoring them. They have mild symptoms.
5,606 cases of sentinel surveillance.
167 are in public hospitals and total isolation.
48,998 suspected cases.

Yucatan records 2,493 deaths from Covid-19.

New infections:
59 in Merida
2 in Akil
1 in Halachó, Teabo, Ticul, Tixkokob, Tizimín and Valladolid

In Merida, 12,143 people have been diagnosed with Covid-19 (accumulated to October 26), living in:

3,351 in the Northern zone
3,462 in the East
1,193 in the Central zone
1,658 in the South zone
2,479 in the West



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