Yaxché de Peón rural community is still flooded one week after Gamma

Ucú, Yucatán, October 16, 2020 (ACOM). – More than a week after the passage of Tropical Storm Gamma and Hurricane Delta, several communities are still under water, such is the case of the Yaxché de Peón rural community.

The hacienda, located to the west of the state and which was one of the most important in the time of the so-called ‘green gold’, is totally flooded with stagnant decomposed water that generates a bad smell and becomes a breeding ground for flies.

Felipe Chan, a well-known community photographer, calls on the general public to join the cause and help the families who were affected by the ravages of both meteorological phenomena.

Donations will be received in the Yaxché de Peón park, ranging from sugar, beans, rice, to personal hygiene items and clothes in good condition, from four in the afternoon to seven at night.

Ucu us located 33 kilometers (20 miles) west of downtown Merida (INEGI)

If you want to donate, you can contact Felipe Chan at 9992-55-70-94.