Woman dies of electric shock when placing hand on pole in Las Americas

Mérida, Yucatan.- A woman in her 60s died on the morning of Thursday, October 8th, in the Las Américas subdivision after receiving an electric shock when she touched a public lighting pole on a flooded street.

The woman was walking on the corner of Calle 100-1 with Calle 49-F of the Las Américas subdivision, one of the areas flooded by the rains of hurricane “Delta”, when she placed her hand on a lighting pole and received an electric shock that killed her instantly.

The body remained on the public highway for several hours because there was still electricity in the area.

Authorities had to suspend the electric power in the area to be able to pick the woman’s body.

Police cordoned off the area and asked residents not to walk through the puddles if they do not have, at least, rubber boots, as they could suffer the same fate.

The place is cordoned off and then CFE personnel arrived to suspended the electricity in the subdivision and be able to rescue the body.