What is a cross platform app and when should you use it?

What is a cross platform app and when should you use it?

Choosing a programming language is one of the most crucial decisions in the process of developing a mobile app. If you’re planning to write an application for only one operating system, like Apple or Android, the task is quite easy. However, it gets more complicated when you aim to be present on a few platforms simultaneously – and this is where cross platform app development comes in.

What is cross platform development?
Cross platform app development is a way to develop mobile apps for a number of operating systems without rewriting code, but with only one codebase slightly adjusted to the requirements of different native languages. This solution makes the app development process cheaper and less time consuming than creating entirely different code in each native language. The cross platform development process is perfect for apps processing moderate amounts of data, as more complicated ones may run a bit slower than applications written in original languages. However, this solution is still worth considering for any simple app that you want present on multiple operating systems.

When to use cross platform applications
Of course, cross platform application development is for everyone who aims to launch a product compatible with every operating system. However, it’s crucial to be aware of what the exact benefits are of such a development technique. First of all, cross platform app development can bring significant increases in ROI and revenue, as it makes it possible to target a bigger audience with the same amount of programming work. Moreover, it helps you maintain excellent UX quality on each platform without a huge number of changes and improvements. Taking care of user experience is one of the most crucial elements of keeping users satisfied and engaged with the app, so it’s definitely worth investing in. Cross platform development also means easier maintenance – potential improvements and changes are implemented only in a base code and then automatically synchronized with all native platforms. Thus, using this technique makes the app development process easier and more manageable, which results in shorter time to market and also makes this method suitable for urgent projects.

How to build a cross platform app
Cross platform apps can be based on a few methods. One of them is hybrid mobile app development, which is considered the most popular and universal. In this technique the codebase is written in JavaScript or HTML5, and is then synchronized with the target devices. However, there are also a few more cross platform development solutions, like RMAD (rapid mobile app development) or PWA (progressive web app development). If you’re wondering which would be the most advantageous match for you, the best way to find out is to discuss it with an experienced software engineer or a trustworthy technology partner. After learning the specifics of your needs and products they will be able to recommend the right solution and provide you with an effective development process.

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