Water keeps gushing from sewers in different parts of Mérida

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN.- In the northern subdivisions of the Yucatecan capital, water continues to flow from different places, but mostly from the sewers, this due to the fact that the levels of the water table remain above normal parameters.

State and municipal authorities and hydrological experts have reported that due to the intense rains caused by hurricane “Delta” as well as tropical storms “Gamma” and “Cristóbal”, the aquifer in this area of ​​the city reached five meters above sea level, which caused floodings and the water can be seen coming out of the sewers, as can be seen in different parts of the state capital.

The water also gushes into the sewers of large shopping centers, such as Galerías Mérida.

Users reported on video this phenomenon known as artesian or spring, as the water gushes out as if it were a fountain or a spring.

The rains, as we have published, have been historic in 2020, and are expected to continue in the coming days.

This prevents the water from being absorbed naturally in the groundwater table, and so the water overflows through cenotes, wells and sewers.