There will be consequences if mismanagement in trusts is proven

AMLO assured that the elimination of funds guarantees that the accumulated resources benefit the people of Mexico.

“The federal government will file complaints against whoever corresponds if mismanagement is found in the operation and administration of the trusts”, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said on Thursday, October 8th.

“If there are elements, yes, there will be complaints, if there is evidence, there will be consequences. Only in Conacyt (National Council of Science and Technology), there were 90 trusts. So we have to know how the money was used. There was a lot of money that was transferred to large companies, ” AMLO explained.

The president defended the initiative by which 109 trusts are eliminated or modified, he declared: “These resources will now benefit the people of Mexico”.

López Obrador announced that the officials proposed for the evaluation of the trusts are already preparing a report on how the operation and expenditure were carried out, and who were the beneficiaries of the funds. The report will be presented at the National Palace.

“One by one (they will be explained) so that there is complete transparency and on how they will be handled in the future,” he said.

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