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The PRI sweeps the elections in Coahuila.

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According to the count of the Preliminary Election Results Program (PREP), the state voted for the positions of relative majority, in addition to nine others of proportional representation.

COAHUILA Mexico (Times Media Mexico) – The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) put itself back on Mexico’s electoral radar by taking the lead in Hidalgo and Coahuila’s elections. In Coahuila, in particular, the PRI swept in most of the state’s municipalities, according to the count of the Preliminary Election Results Program (PREP).

The count began around 1800 hours, shortly after the polls had closed, and concluded during the early hours of October 19. The National Regeneration Movement (Morena) was left in second place, and the National Action Party (PAN) in third.

In Coahuila, the 16 deputies with a relative majority were voted in, of which they would have won all of them, in addition to nine others with proportional representation.

Apart from the three already mentioned, the following parties competed for the posts: the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), the Coahuila Democratic Party, Unidos, the Coahuila Revolution Party, and Emiliano Zapata la Tierra y su Producto.

However, on its official website, the PREP points out that these results are informative, and therefore are not considered definitive. “They have no legal effect,” he clarified.

It was informed that on October 21, the District Computations of an official nature would be made that will determine the electoral results in the Electoral Districts of the State of Coahuila.

The citizen participation for this electoral year in Coahuila was 39.24%, and the results of the organism refer to the votes found in the PREP Acts, which counted 3,841 during the day. Of the total number of minutes, 2,794 were taken from urban polling places and another 788 from non-urban polling places.

The elections were also held in Hidalgo, where the PRI has proclaimed itself the winner, although there is no data from the “Preliminary 2020” program of the State Electoral Institute (IEEH).

In that state, 1,080 positions were held: 84 for mayor’s offices, 96 for unions, and 900 for the government. Eleven political parties besieged these.

Hours before the elections took place, the electoral counselor of the National Electoral Institute (INE), Jaime Rivera, wrote on his Twitter account:

“Today elections are being held in Hidalgo and Coahuila. Health protection measures are applied in the polling stations: healthy distance, antibacterial gel, mouth covers, constant cleaning of the tables and instruments. Citizens can exercise their right to vote and take care of their health”.

However, election day was surrounded by controversy, complaints, and even violence. Mainly, there was criticism that a PREP was not established in Hidalgo since it was not approved by the National Electoral Institute (INE).

According to local media, political party representatives accused that there was electoral tourism, coercion, vote-buying, and irregularities in the State of Hidalgo during the elections.

So far, no record of that state has been captured, so the results will be released later.

Regarding the vote through electronic ballot boxes, “the 54 ballot boxes in Coahuila and the 40 installed in Hidalgo worked without any setbacks and were the first to register results in Coahuila’s PREP, which is already in operation,” informed the INE.

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