“The coronavirus was designed as a biological weapon and released on purpose.” Accuses Chinese virologist.

Again Dr. Li-Meng Yan accuses that the virus was designed and released on purpose in an interview with Spanish television Telecinco.

SPAIN (Proceso/appro).- “The new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 was created by man in a laboratory and is an unrestricted biological weapon capable of killing on a large scale.” said Li-Meng Yan, a virologist from the University of Hong Kong exiled in the United States, during an interview on the program “Horizontes” on the Spanish television channel Telecinco.

“What I can say without a doubt is that it was released on purpose,” Li-Meng Yan said from an unknown location during the interview conducted by journalist Iker Jimenez. “The new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 was created in a laboratory and is an unrestricted biological weapon capable of killing on a large scale,” said Li-Meng Yan. A virologist from the University of Hong Kong exiled in the United States.

In that context, she stated that the virus “was designed to attack the human being, so it did not need any adaptation.” The virologist claims the SARS-CoV-2 was designed from other bat coronaviruses “that are the pathogen’s backbone.”

Dr. Li-Meng Yan is known for her statements, which refute official versions about the virus’s origin, a Wuhan, China market. Her dissenting stance, she claims, forced her to leave China.

Exiled since last April in the United States, the specialist gave an interview last July to Fox News. She assured that the Chinese government was aware of the new coronavirus long before it revealed its existence to the world.

In the interview recently broadcast by Telecinco, Li-Meng Yan insisted that the virus’s natural origin is not sustained and answered affirmatively to the question that the coronavirus is a designed weapon.

“It is an unrestricted biological weapon,” she emphasized and detailed the reasons why she thinks it was released on purpose.

“To work inside (a laboratory), you have to go through a government background check, undergo all-day surveillance, and pass some very tough tests. No one can leave there. Therefore, there is no way the virus could have escaped by accident. That can happen in ordinary laboratories, but our government is not that stupid. It is management at a weapon’s level,” she said during the conversation.

Li-Meng Yan explained that the concept “biological weapon without restrictions” was defined by the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences and referred to a type of weaponry that allows for large-scale killing.

In the case of the virus, it operates this way because it is transmitted through the air and the respiratory system and its resistance to the environment and its stability in specific environments. She added that asymptomatic people contribute to its dispersion.

Li-Meng Yan also assured that people in China are no longer infected “because they used hydroxychloroquine from the beginning,” she told journalist Iker Jimenez. Her statement is false since China still has active cases of people infected. 

“I’m going to spread the message as much as possible, and I’m going to show the facts so people can verify them before they kill me. Everybody has to know the truth, and they are not going to scare me,” said the specialist, who was part of the team at a World Health Organization reference laboratory at the University of Hong Kong.

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