“Si por México” official presentation took place in CDMX

With the support of 400 civil society organizations, including Coparmex, the national project SI POR MEXICO (‘Yes for Mexico’) was officially presented.

SI POR MEXICO is a citizen organization that seeks to position a broad, plural political agenda in the country.

The representatives of the new movement present at the event are Pola Salmún movement, Desiré Ángel, Francky, Guillermo Ruíz Tomé, and Luis Abasí. They all said that they will seek the signature of all political parties for a citizens’ agenda in the 2021 federal elections.

The objective, as indicated, is to integrate a broad proposal based on fundamental aspects of the social, political, and economic order.

As explained by ‘Yes for Mexico’ it will be officially integrated on November 8 and they have called on the political forces to join a pact with democratic ​​and civic values.

The representatives of this new movement said that this body will not be established in a single leadership, but in the discussion of the organizations that have joined the project.

The ideological basis proposed by ‘Sí por México’ includes as postulates an access to justice, equitable ordering for the sector of women, children, sports, indigenous and marginalized groups, as well as an LGBTI agenda.

They also promote the fight against discrimination, the fight against corruption, the exercise of open government, environmental awareness, the generation of clean energy projects, and actions to face climate change, among others.

The question is: Is AMLO willing to let a citizen movement participate in the coming democratic elections of 2021?