Panic Buying in Mérida due to hurricane Delta

Panic buying occurs when consumers buy unusually large amounts of a product in anticipation of, or after, a disaster or perceived disaster.

The alert for the arrival of hurricane “Delta” in the next few hours to the Yucatan Peninsula caused families to stock up on food, purified bottled water, and other household items necessary to face the consequences of this climatic contingency.

The temporary rain truce caused by the tropical depression “Gamma” allowed families to go out shopping in corner stores, and supermarkets, whose aisles are full of shoppers.

The main items that customers buy are bottled purified water, bags of cookies, beans, rice, cheese, ham, flour tortillas, sliced ​​bread, soda crackers, and bottled cola drinks. Very few bought frozen meats, canned foods, and vegetables.

In neighborhoods such as Vicente Solís, some streets are still flooded because they are in low areas or with a pronounced incline.

At nine in the morning, the rain and moderate winds that hit this course of the city stopped, which allowed the mobilization of people and vehicles to begin immediately.