New intense hurricane forecast for the Caribbean in the coming days

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN.- The autumn cyclonic season in the Caribbean is quite intense, as it is forecast that in the next few days a new tropical cyclone could originate in the area that could become an intense hurricane, category four or five.

Its impact zone would be Jamaica and western Cuba, passing near the Yucatan Peninsula, as the trajectory had been initially predicted, which eventually COULD move further west and impact Mexico’s Peninsula of Yucatan.

The American and Canadian models predict a probable cyclonic development in the next few days in the Caribbean Sea, for which a call was made to Nicaragua, Honduras, the Yucatan Peninsula, Cuba (west) and Florida, to monitor this weather phenomenom that could become a category 4 or 5 high-end hurricane. The forecast is valid until October 21.

According to the forecast of this model, the same one that predicted the intensity of hurricanes Gamma and Delta, the new disturbance would arise near Nicaragua, would move north becoming a potential threat to Cuba and Jamaica.

In its trajectory, it would pass near the Yucatan Peninsula and after hitting western Cuba it would continue on its way to Florida.

Meteorologists indicate that the forecast guides and meteorological projections usually have a high margin of error, but in this case the American Model (GFS) has followed the trend in its forecasts of a possible intense hurricane to form within the Caribbean for the next few days. .

It is worth mentioning that the GFS forecasting model has been very good at its recent predictions.

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