Mexico Will Fine Hotels and Restaurants That Block Access to Public Beaches

Mexico is cracking down on hotels, restaurants, private homes or beachclubs that claim the country’s public beaches as their own.

This week, Mexico’s Senate unanimoulsy voted to fine property owners who try to restrict public access to beaches up to $47,000 USD, Associated Press reported.

Businesses that repeatedly break the law could have their permits to operate on the beach revoked.

The Senate’s actions represent a win for Mexicans who have been protesting against businesses operating private beachfront.

Federal law in Mexico makes clear that such arrangements are illegal and that the public cannot be denied access to beaches.

Businesses are not allowed to build any permanent structures within 20 meters of high tide or block anyone from accessing the beach.

Still, some hotels, restaurants, and clubs have become accustomed to marketing their private beachfront services and keeping the public out.