Mexican Army provides food to Yucatecan families that were affected by Hurricane “Delta”

Valladolid, Yucatán (October 8, 2020).- The National Defense Secretariat, through the X Military Region and the 32 / a. Military Zone, inform the public that, due to the passage of Hurricane “Delta” through the state of Yucatan, agents of the Mexican Army and Air Force installed a community kitchen and a field kitchen as part of the DN-III-E Plan in its “Aid” phase.

In the municipality of Tizimín, Yuc., personnel belonging to the Group of Engineers for Disaster Cases were deployed, who are in charge of a kitchen-dining room that has the capacity to prepare and distribute up to 900 daily food rations and have a water treatment plant of water, which can produce 1,700 liters per day.

Likewise, in the municipality of Panabá, Yuc., A quartermaster cell was deployed, which installed a field kitchen to support the feeding of the families that are established in the shelter of this municipality.

Personnel belonging to the General Headquarters of the 32 / a participate in these activities. Military Zone, 20 / o. Motorized Cavalry Regiment and 7th battalion of Combat Engineers, as well as the State DIF and the Civil Protection Coordination.

With these actions, the Ministry of National Defense reaffirms its commitment and responsibility to the people of Mexico to serve uninterruptedly, in all conditions and places, to reduce the damage caused by these eventualities, providing assistance for the maintenance of order and assistance to the people.