Men’s sneakers – which ones to choose and what to wear them with?

Men’s sneakers are one of the most popular and common models of men’s shoes in stores. Sneakers are sports shoes that are perfect for different seasons. We suggest which men’s sneakers to choose and what to wear them with.

Which sneakers to choose?
Sneakers are light, comfortable and very cozy shoes, designed for walking around the city as well as running. It can be said that such sports shoes are now considered to be a true synonym of comfort, and they are perfect for fall, spring or summer. Sneakers can also be worn in winter, but of course for this frosty period it is advisable to choose shoes with a higher upper and additional insulation.

When deciding to buy sports shoes, it is worth noting the following elements:

  • brand, because the quality of shoes usually depends on it. An interesting proposition is men’s sneakers available in the offer of Marc Nolan brand, which is famous for durable, high-quality shoes, 
  • comfort and convenience while wearing, as well as additional elements such as special cushions for heels and toes, breathable material, 
  • method of manufacturing, quality, durability of the footwear,
  • the height of the upper – for the fall period it is better to choose high ankle sneakers, while in summer and spring, shoes with a shorter upper and a breathable, lightweight material will be the best choice,
  • thermal comfort, i.e. the feeling that the foot will not freeze but also will not sweat, 
  • design, colors that are important in the context of choosing the appropriate styling.

When choosing sneakers, it is also worth paying attention to the material from which the footwear was made. The most durable is natural leather, which is a breathable material that adapts to the shape of the feet. Another noteworthy material is nubuck, which provides warmth while allowing air to pass through. In the fall season it is best to choose footwear with a thick sole and a taller upper.

Styling with sneakers
Sneakers are shoes that go well with virtually all male styling. This type of footwear is perfect for the classic combination of jeans and a T-shirt. It is also worth choosing a more surprising outfit, for example, a combination of sneakers with an elegant long-sleeved shirt and navy blue pants. Combining sneakers with a suit is rather an exaggeration, although on less formal occasions, for example on your 18th or 30th birthday, you can opt for this type of styling. Sneakers also look good with tracksuit pants and a sweatshirt. These shoes can be worn with a denim jacket as well as with a warmer down jacket and a material or leather coat. Sneakers have been popular for many years because they combine sporty freedom and elegance of street style. This is why they are perfect for various occasions and it is worth having at least a few pairs of such shoes in your closet.